Direct to Patient logistics

Direct to Patient Logistics in Russia, Belarus, Lithuania and Latvia.

Direct to Patient (DTP). Direct from Patient (DFP).

A DTP model allows drug therapies to be administered or biological samples to be collected at the patient’s home by an investigator site, pharmacy or depot. This type of patient-centric services deliver clinical trial materials and retrieve biological samples directly to and from a patient’s location. The clinical trial supply chain integrity is guaranteed through full temperature monitoring from pick up to delivery.

Direct-to-Patient (DTP) – is an integrated supply chain system within that allows patients to receive treatment at home or at work. The service may include dispensing the medicine, transporting it to a patient or even storing at home with temperature control.

Often the initial dose will be administered at traditional healthcare facilities, such as investigator sites in trials, hospitals, or clinics, and then this can be switched to a home-care model thereafter, which often is a mix of traditional and home visits.

Collecting the samples from patients and returning unused medicine/consumables is referred in the industry as Direct-From-Patient (DFP) service.

AAA – A2 Cargo has substantial experience in DTP and DFP service, we will ensure:

– Patient and dispatch site confidentiality.
– Cold-chain expertise to ensure quality of temperature sensitive clinical trial materials.
– Meeting delivery deadlines.
– Compliance with special instructions.
– Hygiene compliance and protective measures.

Usual patients for DTP and DFP services:

– Clinical trial study participants.
– Lifesaving treatment programs.
– Chronic illness and rare diseases.
– Frequent or long visit requirements.

Usual products sent/collected:

– Clinical trials and biological samples (collection).
– R&A, licensed medicines and treatments.
– Products of high value, strict temperature control or strict stability parameters.
– Personalized and life-saving medications.
– Unused or partially used clinical trial material for return to site.

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